(Arthrospira Plantesis)

Glow naturally with Spirulina! It helps to get rid of acne quickly, treat acne scars, reduce excessive oily skin and remove dead skin cells.

Although known as a form of food additive that is similar to Chlorella and Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, it is extremely safe to be consumed by humans. Spirulina grows in tropical or subtropical water and exists in two types of cyanobacteria species: Arthrospira platensis, and Arthrospira maxima.

What’s in the spirulina algae plant, you ask?

  • Vitamin B1;
  • Vitamin B5;
  • Vitamin B6;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Vitamin E;
  • Manganese;
  • Zinc;
  • Copper;
  • Beta Caronete;
  • Amino Acid Methionine.

Not only we use Spirulina Arthrospira platensis, but we make sure to have the best extraction standards for producing Spirulina Powder Superfood Powder, which is able to be a natural Anti Oxidant for Green Goddess skin.

Cocoa Butter

(Theobroma Cacao Butter)

Did you know that recently, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has designated North Lombok Regency as the largest producer of chocolate (cocoa) in NTB.

We came to learn there are about 100 hectares of community plantation focusing on Cocoa! Farming chocolate has supported the lives of the people there for over 20 years. Fun fact: many locals barter Cocoa as their payment everyday!

In North Lombok alone, there are thousands of hectares of Cocoa land producing over 600kg per hectare per year. We are talking about 24 thousand tons!

So far, it has only been produced as food needs. Organic Lombok Indonesia saw the opportunity for Cocoa farmer groups to make an alternative income from this. Yes, to help our skin glow naturally!

Our quality control ensures we have the best Cocoa butter throughout the manufacturing process since it is our primary ingredient for each of our products. We do that to help produce the best natural moisturizer and anti-aging for Green Goddess skin.


(Euchema Seaweed)

As part of the world’s coral triangle, Indonesia has at least 550 varieties of Seaweed with high economic value, one of which is a type of high-value seaweed, Eucheuma Cottoni.

Out of 10 regions in Indonesia that produce Seaweed, those that grow in NTB Province (from Lombok to Dompu) seem to bring best quality.

Our certain extraction standards of Euchema Cottoni helps to produce the best Euchema Cottoni Seaweed Powder that will become Collagen and natural nutrition for Green Goddess skin. 🌱


(Coffea Robusta Extract)

Our beans are grown in the North of Lombok & Sajang, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani. Sajang is located on the slopes of Mount Rinjani, approximately 10 km north of Sembalun Lawang Village, which is the heart of horticultural agricultural in Lombok.

In this village alone, there is an extensive Coffee plantation of around 1,400 hectares. All of those have been around since colonial times. And of all 2,000 people who live in Sajang Village, there are at least 800 families that have coffee gardens with an average area of ​​one hectare per household.

After putting through standardised roasting procedures, we are confident our coffee will become your natural exfoliator for Green Goddess skin.🌱

White Rice

(Oryza Sativa Extract)

There is more to rice than just for eating. The mineral is one of the traditional remedies for skin lightening and the Amino acids and vitamins contained in rice flour work greatly in brightening the skin by increasing collagen levels and skin elasticity. The tyrosinase content in rice flour can also prevent excessive melanin production in the skin. In addition, rice flour also has a high concentration of PABA or Para Aminobenzoic Acid which is effective as a sunscreen which is very good for the skin.

We use the best rice with certain extraction standards to produce rice flour which can be a natural exfoliator for Green Goddess skin.🌱