Oganic Paket Anti Acne Care Premium Full Treatment

Rp 549.000

Paket Anti Acne Care Premium Full Treatment

Formulated with Marine Botanicals Extract. Spirulina is well known as a potent antioxidant, Seaweed Algae is highly nourishing for the skin, giving you a healthy plumpy skin. Pearl Extract brightens your skin, revealing your inner radiant glow.

Anti Acne, Anti Aging & Brightening
pH Balance
No Fragrance
No Artificial Colors

Isi Paket Anti Acne Premium Full Treatment
1. Gentle face wash (60 ml)
2. Refreshing face & body mist (60 ml)
3. Face serum (20 ml)
4. Matte day cream (10 gr)
5. Hydrating night cream (10 gr)
6. Acne gel treatment (10 gr)
6. Free sillicone cleanser/guasha
7. Free candle/pouch
7. Free box

– Refreshing skin
– Protect and clear breakouts and acne
– Prevent sign of aging
– provcide instant hydration
– revitalize your skin
– Restore your skin barrier

Urutan pemakaian:
Gentle face wash – refreshing face & body mist – face serum – matte day cream – hydrating night cream – acne gel treatment

How to use gentle face wash:
Apply 1-2 pumps of Gentle Face Wash. Rub gently. Rinse. Followed with Marine Botanicals Refreshing Face Mist & Face Serum
Isi: 60 ml
BPOM: NA18211207894

How to use refreshing face & body mist:
This face mist can also used a face toner. Simply direct the spray to your face & body, close your eyes & gently hold down the nozzle to refresh and to tone-up your skin
Isi: 60 ml
BPOM: NA18210110028

How to use face serum:
Massage gently the serum onto cleansed dace & neck. Apply AM & PM. Followed with Marine Botanicals Day/Niht Cream
Isi: 20 ml
BPOM: NA18210111076

How to use matte day cream:
Apply Day Cream evenly onto cleansed face & neck
Isi: 10 gr
BPOM: NA18210112360

How to use Hydrating night cream:
Apply Night Cream evenly onto cleansed face & neck
Isi: 10 gr
BPOM: NA18210112361

How to use acne gel treatment:
Apply a thin layer gel on the acne area. Use 2-3 times per day
Isi: 10 ml
BPOM: NA1821011077

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